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Webmaster Talk

The thing I want to tell you all is now my site is having bandwidth problem so that sometime you can't get into my site so I want to ask you not to download many files at the same time.The files I put on will be availible for a week so please download one file at a time(My Host only allow 10.0mb in an hour)If anyone know good web hosting please E-mail to me
Thanks for your help!

News and Updates

-Added lyrics for an Endless Tale & Haruka na Okurimono at lyrics page.
Thanks Tae from Only Lonely for lyrics
23/11/02 21:52 By Digichaox


-Finally the mp3 for"an Endless Tale"is availible at mp3 page
23/11/02 20:06 By Digichaox


-The single"an Endless Tale"has released today in Japan just wait for a few days for mp3 to come
-I've heard that there will be another cd come out in Febuary in the name"The Last elem" that Miyazaki Ayumi will sing this song.Can't wait to hear it^_^
-Episode32 availible now at
Full Ep32 from
22/11/02 19:17 By Digichaox


-Download section open again I've moved some files to another host to prevent this web being down but there still bandwidth limit too so if you can't download file at a time,Don't worry just try again later the file will be there until its delete date
22/11/02 11:17 By Digichaox


-Download Section temporarily close because I want everyone to see the announcement in webmaster talk and it will open again tomorrow.
21/11/02 17:34 By Digichaox


-Delete some mp3s that reach delete date and Added "Tomodachi noUmi"and"Sakuhin No.2"Haru" at mp3 page
20/11/02 21:24 By Digichaox


-Added new ringtone at ringtone page
-If you enter the mp3 page you'll see delete date.I've to delete them because I need more space to put on the new one.If anyone know some good free space provider that allow to put on mp3s please tell me.
18/11/02 19:36 By Digichaox


The link to Fulleps31 from seems to be unavailible so if you want to download it go to this page

17/11/02 14:11 By Digichaox


-I've closed clips page because there are many site that provide clips and I need more space for mp3
-Added Brave Heart~Arranger's Remix~ and Innocent~Mujaki na mamade~at mp3 page
15/11/02 15:29 By Digichaox


-I've added "More More Happy Christmas"and"Christmas Night"lyrics at lyrics page
-Full Episode31 Availible at now
Full Episode31 from
13/11/02 16:51 By Digichaox


I've uploaded song from album "Digimon Frontier Christmas Smile" at mp3 page
10/11/02 11:56 By Digichaox


-Full Episode 30 now availible at
FullEp30 from

-I've added some mp3 at mp3 section
6/11/02 21:45 By Digichaox

I've uploaded some clips and mp3s so please go and check it.
1/10/02 13:31 By Digichaox


Finally I've open my English page!!My English Doesn't so good so if You have any suggestion you can mail to me.

31/10/02 11:13 By Digichaox


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