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News and Updates

Saturday 15/2/03
Updater: Digichaox

I don't have much time to come update due to exam.... See you again after I've finished my exam!

Friday 7/2/03
Updater: Digichaox

It's maybe late but I've uploaded The Last Element and Miracle Maker to the mp3 page already...

Sunday 2/2/03
Updater: Digichaox

Added 1 mp3 and 1 clip.

Thursday 30/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Update the episode guide page.

Wednesday 29/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Uploaded "Fighting Soul" to the mp3 page.

Friday 24/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

I've updated the info of "The Last Element" to the music cd page.The cover look great! so check it.

Tuesday 21/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

I've fixed the link to download the song in last update and I've put on 2 songs(Kimi ga Yume Mita Mirai, Boku ga Yume Mita Mirai and Oretachi no Melody) to mp3 page...

Saturday 18/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Sorry for not updating I'm so busy this week Here's some news from Omnitor(With the Will)
Episode 40: Chosen Ones?! The Children who Manipulate Angemon

The 4 new children name
- Teruo (Small boy)
- Chiaki (Little girl)
- Katsuharu (Tallest; boy)
- Teppei (Boy with the glasses)

Katsuharu, and Teppei may seem familiar to you. That's because they're the two who had bullied Tomoki in the Real World. They too came to the Digital World, and are being protected by Angemon by orders of Ophanimon. Now for a mini-teaser...

"The Chosen Children arrive at the Terminal of Steel, and see that a Sagittarimon and many Kantarumon are causing chaos. Then the Chosen notice four other children who arrived to the Digital world separately from themselves. Tomoki recognizes two of the children as the ones who bullied him back home. Sagittarimon attacks, but suddenly an Angemon appears and fights Sagittarimon. The Chosen notice the Angemon is being loyal to the other four children. Takuya recommends they aid Angemon, but Tomoki is reluctant to do so. Will the Chosen be in time to help Angemon?"

Episode 41: The Royal Knight's Sinister Plan! The Tree which bears the Beans of Friendship (Tentative)
"Tomoki, Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo are captured by the Royal Knights, and taken to the Village of Beans. The Royal Knights urge Tomoki and the others to hand over the key to the Tree of Beans, in order to break the lock which protects and guards the entire village's Data. Tomoki and the others stand up to protect the village from evil."

Episode 42: A Battle for Life! The Village of Beginnings (Tentative)
"Takuya and the other Chosen arrive at the Village of Beginnings, where all Digimon are born. However, there is word that the Royal Knights have their sights set on it as a target. The Chosen prepare themselves for battle, as the Royal Knights descend..."

Episode 43: Another Target!? The Hometown of Bokomon must be Protected! (Tentative)
"The Chosen come across a town that is very familiar to Bokomon. It is his hometown, and the Chosen are welcomed. Meanwhile, the Royal Knights prepare for Lucemon's rebirth. Very little time is left and Data needed until he will be reborn. Will the Chosen be able to protect Bokomon's home?"

*Dusts hands off*

And that's that.

... oh yeah. All you people who are getting excited that Digimon Chronicle will be the fifth season, may want to stop now. Toei has still said nothing, Frontier is still dying in ratings... and Bandai of Japan just updated their Digimon section of the website. Get the hint? That's as much as I can say without saying too much...
--End of Omnitor's News--
-I've deleted some mp3s and put on the new one,Go check it


Sunday 12/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Added new ringtones.Thanks Morpheus for giving them to me.

Friday 10/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

I've uploaded Epi38 already it will online till Wednesday.Information on how to get it is in Full ep page.Thanks Hork for getting the avi file and Tae for encoded and providing it.


Tuesday 7/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Now I need some Affiliate Site and Partner Site.Your site must be anime
related have at least 100 visitors per week to become Affiliate Site or
you can become Partner Site(Just anime Related) send me an E-mail
if you interest.

Monday 6/1/03
Updater: Digichaox

Changed the layout again hope you like it.
I'll delete some of mp3 with this mark(*)this Friday so get it while you can.



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